From Now On

This is my first attempt, so I know I will get better.  How fast my learning curve proves to be remains to be seen.  I woke in the middle of the night with the memory of the combination to my lost Master combination lock.  I can’t wait to go try it again.  That phenomenon of letting my brain rest and find the solution to a problem that I didn’t even realize it was working on fascinates me about the way my own mind works.  I have the same experience when I swim and go “into the zone” where my endorphins kick in and I discover how to solve a problem that I wasn’t aware that I was even thinking about.  I also get my stitches removed today, so I hope to swim tomorrow in the warm water therapy pool.  That’ll be good for all my other aches and bruises.  Mother Nature is fabulous!  More soon, I promise.

Fred writing at sea in 2009
Fred wrote everywhere, even in the midst of the Pacific, even when he felt rotten. I am pickier about neatness–most of the time.